BBC Radio 4 Life Changing Series

BBC Radio 4 Life Changing Series

I was delighted to be offered the opportunity of being a guest on the BBC Radio 4 Life Changing show interviewed by Jane Garvey.

It was first aired on May 18 2022 at 9:00 AM UK time then repeated the following evening. But fear not, if you wish to listen it’s avaialble for over one year on the BBC website or you can download it if you prefer.

In the interview I am asked about my Operation Julie undercover experiences and the impact they had on my life. I hope you enjoy the listen.

The show certainly helped my Operation Julie book hit the Amazon UK #1 Bestseller list after an absence of a few years.


Operation Julie Podcast

Operation Julie Podcast

I’m delighted to inform you there’s a wonderful 4-part podcast produced by True Crime Investigators UK. John and Sally are the people behind the podcast. They also present it in a friendly, laid back way but they are knowledgeable too as both are former serving police officers.

The Operation Julie podcast is broken down into these four parts and it’s received some wonderful reviews.

Episode 1: The set up / Plas Llysyn surveillance / The request to go undercover.

Episode 2: What is involved in preparation for an undercover operation and building relationships with contacts.

Episode 3: Dangers of undercover work / knowing where to draw the line / infiltrating and or befriending contacts.

Episode 4: The end of the Operation / the raids / the arrests and the convictions. Police career after Op Julie – rebuilding career after that big life moment.

Each episode contains a narrated excerpt from my book with my permission and that of Worldmark Films. 

I mentioned reviews so here is one from Apple: 

Great podcast 


I’ve just recently started listening to this podcast. What a great format, and the presenters have so much knowledge and insight into criminal investigation. Includes really interesting and informative interviews with people affected by the crimes covered.

 Please let me know what you think of the podcast.

Operation Julie Latest Developments

Operation Julie Latest Developments

Some of you with sharp eyes may have noticed the recent changes to my website. For example, I have included contact details for my literary agent.

Indeed, I now have an agent and he negotiated a book publishing deal on my behalf with Penguin Random House UK. The Ebury imprint of PRH UK will be publishing my Operation Julie memoir probably in early 2022 to coincide with the anticipated release date of an Operation Julie TV multi- part documentary.

Ebury has the publishing rights for my memoir in the English language for the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and Commonwealth countries. I still retain the rights for the USA, Canada, and other countries too many to list here.

I have no further details of that documentary right now and I’m not permitted to release any further information in any event.

The proposed feature film (separate from the documentary) based on my memoir is still in development, but the production company is exploring the possibility of turning it into a drama TV series with as many as eight episodes.

It seems the current state of the UK film and TV industry favours TV series over full-length feature films aimed at cinema audiences. That may come as no surprise seeing the worldwide pandemic has drastically altered the way we live and seek to be entertained.

You should consider joining my mailing list to be first in the know about any of these projects.

So, I guess you can now say I’m a traditionally published author. That wasn’t an easy decision to make because as an indie I had full control over all aspects of my books including marketing. But the traditional route makes sense as regards my undercover cop memoir. Together with the media tie-in, it presents greater opportunities for publicity. Time will tell, so again, watch this space or even better, sign up for that mailing list.

The rest of my books are still indie books and will almost certainly remain so. That’s why I’m a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors. However, the Penguin Books contract enabled me to also join the UK’s Society of Authors and the Crime Writers’ Association – the links to those organizations can be seen in the sidebar.

I mentioned “sharp eyes” at the beginning. How many of you spotted the new version of my memoir on Amazon?


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