Mobocracy cover reveal and it will be Book 3 in the Detective Matt Deal Thriller series following on from Mercy and Mayhem. All three books are set in the not too distant future.

mobocracy cover reveal

Yes. all the Ms in this series of murder and mayhem. Why Mobocracy? It was suggested by one of my readers, a fan who lives in Canada. In fact, it was one of hundreds after I asked for suggestions for a title of the next book in series. The only proviso was that it had to be one word and begin with the letter M.

The series is set in the near future. Mobocracy means mob rule, the opposite of democracy. Anarchy and mob rule are prevalent with law and order breaking down in the United States. Even Washington D.C. is under siege from lawless groups of rioters.

In Florida, Matt Deal has now been appointed the chief of detectives reporting to newly elected Sheriff Fretwell, his old friend.

A British stranger starts making inquiries about Deal. Who is he? Is he an additional threat to Deal and his family?

Meanwhile Special Agent Steele recruits a disgraced cop to infiltrate the outlaw biker gang hired to kill Deal.

What will Deal do? Fight or flee?

Preorder details will be announced later this year. If you would like to see the full cover, click on the toggle button below.


Mobocracy Full Cover

I’m delighted with it and a big thank you once more to the Book Khaleesi for another fab book cover.

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