Recently having got hooked on writing flash fiction, and at the prompt of a podcast called Prompety Prompt (my, what a lot of Ps and prompts), I am inviting writers of all persuasions and personalities (more Ps) to submit your works of no more than 200 words for publication in print and eBook (is there a P-word for eBook?).

Thank to Peter, Letty & Dave (aka Stephen) – that’s them in the photo above –  at Prompety Prompt for bringing me into to the world of flash fiction.

Back to my request for submissions, the copyright always remains with the authors. They give me exclusive publication rights for one year only. Hendry Publishing Ltd, my company, will front the entire cost of cover design, formatting, ISBNs etc.

What’s the catch? None, unless you think donating all royalties to charity is a catch.


Before you submit, I suggest you do three things:

You can listen to an hour-long episode 9 of Prompety Prompt here.

You can also listen my short piece on Prompety Prompt here.

If you don’t wish to signup for my newsletter (you should if you want updates on the project’s progress) then if you have decided to submit, please email it to me at steve AT stephenbentley DOT info.

Please include your name (the name you wish to use as the author) and your Twitter handle (if you are on Twitter).You can find Prompety Prompt on Twitter here and me too here. 

Prompety Prompt podcast can also be found on the following platforms:

Let’s have some fun and make some money for charity!

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